CAR, Episode 14, February 2014

A podcast that thinks about bodies, how they trap us and how we try to escape them.

Horrible GIF elaborate on their blog, anonymity and the art world’s unwholesome peculiarities. Writer Juliet Jacques discuses the inadequacy of the cliché ‘trapped in the wrong body’ and reads excerpts from a letter to her teenage self included within the anthology Letters Lived: Radical Reflections, Revolutionary Paths. Artist Hanne Lippard presents a new sound work Fossil exploring the ways in which the body is a trap for the voice and the voice a trap for words.

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B is for...
Essay commissioned by Babak Ghazi, in response to Lifework, exhibited at Raven Row in 2012.

'B wants to trace his desire, map how and who make it work...'

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711391 (How can we be a good witness to an unsaved friend?)
Excerpts published in E.R.O.S Journal, Issue 4, WOMAN, October 2013

In 2006 AOL released more than 36 million search queries, made by 650,000 of its users over the course of three months. Although names were substituted for ID numbers, many affected had searched for all sorts of personal data, and a public outcry ensued in response to this breach of privacy. Within days AOL had pulled the information, realizing their mistake, but not before it was copied and redistributed by others, made available through mirror sites and even searchable databases.

Putting to one side the ethical repercussions of this incident, what we are left with are words, textual portraits that simultaneously expose and conceal.

Reproduced here are brief excerpts from the searches of User 711391. A married woman from America. She is religious, she begins an affair with a man she meets online; she is fascinated by female celebrities and their pubic hair.

This is woman as words. A chronological narrative told through questions. The search engine is God, the internet is the oracle, or maybe just a friend. Thought processes are habitual, it’s difficult to interrupt the circuit or break the patterns by which we think. Curvy bodies and coconut cream pies. Her body is conspiring against her – red veins swell, pimples grow – the pressure of oils and secretions breaking through the thin membrane of her skin. This is a story filled with the transgression of boundaries, of what is physical and immaterial, moral or immoral, public or private.

User 711391 (hosted by pentadact)

Notes on Left Behind Together
Exhibition text for Lucy Beech & Edward Thomasson
OUTPOST, Norwich, 2 - 21 November 2013

"Life is the name of the game, and I want to play the game with you."

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Keep Strong (Before The Pain Turns To Tears)
Essay for E.R.O.S Journal, Issue 4, WOMAN, October 2013

"She, the feminist intellectual, has become extinct writes Kathy Acker in Vogue. Long Live the Spice Girls?'

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